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Here is the supply list Claudia posted to spinfree:
  • About 4 oz of yarn..... go and weigh what you have with one stick of butter or margarine or something else that weighs close to 4 oz.....just balance it in your hand and see if it feels close...or go to the Post Office and look forlorn..they'll let you use their scale. You might only need 3 oz. BUT if you are feuding with anyone or are a new and nervous knitter who knits TIGHT, then you will need more yarn.
    • The yarn needs to be: heavy worsted weight. What is worsted weight you ask? It is loosely defined at yarn that measures 1000 yards and equals one pound. So 4 oz will measure 250 yards. Heavy worsted weight is 4 oz measuring 200 yards.
    • If you are buying [commercial yarn]...Lamb's Pride worsted is great stuff (I sell it and ALL the materials noted here at:
    • if you are spinning... wrap your yarn around a ruler and count how many wraps there are in 1 inch. You should aim for 10 wraps. If your yarn is substantially thinner or what it is to this list and I'll see what we can do to make it work best for you in this pattern. You can double thinner stuff and knit with it that way......if you can stand the confusion of yarn that is in pieces on your first knit-through, it will work out fine (2 strands of sport weight yarn will usually knit as thickly as 1 strand of heavy worsted weight yarn)
  • Double pointed needles...GET WOOD OR BAMBOO. You will thank me someday. You only need 4, but if you like to work with 5, that's fine. I like #6, or #7, or #8 needles. The thicker your yarn, the bigger the needle you need. For these mittens, it is not critical. If you have #5s at home, use them.
  • A couple of stitch markers. You can buy these or make them. Safety pins, teeny elastic bands (anyone have kids with braces? these bands are fantastic!!!), rings made of shiny string...all will work as markers.
  • Be kind to yourself and go get a zippered or well-snapping plastic case to keep these and the following things in.
  • a pair of snips or a small pair of scissors.
  • a small notebook. NOTE: if you are like me and can't read small print, start a large notebook. You will probably be thankful someday that all your projects and notes are kept together. I am. I like notebooks with POCKETS so I can keep patterns in there, too.
  • a pen
  • a darning needle and 24" of some thickish waste yarn of a different will use these later on, but put them in your case. The darning needle needs to have a BIG eye so you can thread the yarn easily through it. (Note: not to plug my business...but if you can find CHIBI darning needles..BUY THEM. They make sewing up knitting a breeze as they have a bent tip and are lightweight).
The pattern we are following is one Claudia wrote and is on the Mining Company's site: If you have any questions about this project, feel free to email Claudia!

This material ©1999 Claudia Krisniski