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Well, it'll be Sunday in a few hours, so I'll post some starting info here for those of you ready to start your mitten.

When you cast on for this mitten, you will cast on ALL your stitches for the cuff onto one needle, and then distribute them around 3 needles total. You will then pull the points of the needles together, work the first stitch of the 1st round JOINING the last cast on stitch to the first cast on stitch. This spot is the beginning of your round, and you would do to mark it so you can find it easily. Some folks like to leave their dangling "tail" from their cast on yarn here and use that to denote the beginning of the round..whatever makes it easy for you.

Basically, once you have cast on all your stitches and distributed them along 3 needles, lay the whole thing flat on a table and make a triangle out of your 3 needles with the last cast on stitch at the right top point of the triangle. There's a great illustration of this at this web page: Make sure your cast on edge loops all face inside the triangle, then *put the point of your fourth needle into the first stitch at the top left of the triangle...knit it onto the fourth needle pulling the top stitch at the right top point of the triangle TIGHTLY to close the gap between the knitting and the needles. Knit across all 10 sts of the top left will then find that needle empty of put it into your right hand...turn the triangle so that your working yarn (that is attached to the ball of wool) is coming out of the stitch at the right top point of the triangle * repeat between**2 x more, so that all 2 needles are worked across and you are back to the beginning of the round.

NOW.....we worked the first round in the KNIT stitch...real ribbing is*k1, purl 1* repeating those 2 stitches again and again all around. Ribbing has great elasticity and hugs the wrist, and if you want to do that stitch, do it. If you want to just knit all the stitches....lots of mittens are made that way and they are just fine.

To purl:
bring your working yarn to the front of your work between the points of your needles.....put the point of your right needle (over the top of the working yarn which is just laying there for now) into the FRONT loop of the next stitch from right DOWN to the left....pick up your working yarn and wrap it counterclockwise around the point of your right needle as you start down the point (there is a great picture of the purl stitch at this web page), pull the loop through and OUT the back of the stitch...then pull the stitch up off the left needle onto the right. For a great illustration of this, go to:

There are wonderful illustrations and tips for knitting on 4 needles at the Socknitter's web site:
If you are having ANY trouble.....holler

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