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Before I get going , I decided to update and revamp the whole mitten pattern that was on-site at so that it would be a lot easier to make an appropriate sized mitten from handspun, which is never exactly the size you need. So, there are 3 sizes in the pattern right now. I have been teaching all day and so am seeing double with my numbers and math...would some kind soul please read through the sizes and make sure my math works so that new knitters don't get discouraged over my inaccuracies??? Typos are my specialty, by the way, so be kind when you correct me

Realize that your knitting gauge depends on your yarn thickness and the needles used...if your yarn is VERY thick and your gauge is TOO FEW STITCHES per inch, make the smaller sized mitten, but knit to the lengths that you will need for the hand you are covering, which maybe adult sized. Conversely, if your gauge is TOO MANY STITCHES per inch, make a larger sized mitten, but shorten it if you have to.

Countrywool's Easy Mittens for SPINFREE
Copyright 1999 Claudia Krisniski. All rights reserved. May be used by any knitter for their own projects, and may be freely copied for charity knitting purposes. Please contact Claudia at and Jen at jlyons1@columbus.rr.comfor permission to link to the pattern.

KEY: k = knit p = purl st(s) = stitch(es) tog = together

Sizes: Small, medium, large


Thumb Gusset

This material ©1999 Claudia Krisniski
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